Since the beginning of movie making, film makers have tried to mirror society. The counterculture has always been a favorite sticky issue, including marijuana use. As early as the 1920’s, the “loco weed” has made many cameo appearances and a few starring roles. From its early days of scare tactics in the now famous cult favorites Reefer Madness and Marihuana – The Devil’s Weed, to the late 70’s marijuana heroes, Cheech and Chong in Up in Smoke, grass has come full circle. Although it is said that millions light up every day, over the years, “Tinsletown” has had a difficult time dealing with the use of marijuana on the silver screen. But, times are changing and nowadays, the ‘evil weed’ has become a bit more main stream with many major actors and actresses smoking pot in movies!


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In this book, you will find over 1000 movies from the past 80 years that feature references to marijuana. Whether it’s a full blown pot film like, Half Baked or Dazed and Confused to a quick shot of a bong on a table or a joint in a drawer, you’ll find all of marijuana’s movie roles in this, The Complete Guide to the Hollywood High. Also scattered throughout the listings are memorable lines that we call “QUIRKY QUOTES” as well as “FUN FACTS”. Now...Lights, Camera, Action...Order It!

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